Which Board Suits You Best

Thanks for taking a look and learning a little more about our Hero SUP inflatable stand up paddle boards.

You might be wondering which board is going to suit your needs best.

Below we will go through the qualities of each board and who they are best suited for.

Hero SUP Spark

The Spark is our smaller ISUP but don’t let it fool you, it can hold a lot of weight.

Although anyone could truly paddle this board we find it best suited for a smaller to average size person.

The reason for this is because of the length to width ratio. With the 30” width there is not as much reach when paddling therefore it is very comfortable for a smaller person to paddle.

The width along with the 10’5” length makes it very responsive so it doesn’t take much effort to turn or to simply paddle straight.

It is actually quite stable but in general a larger person will feel more secure on a larger board. It only weighs 22 lb so it is easy to carry and transport.

The all-around design makes it quite versatile. It cruises along nicely in calm water and powers through wake and chop easily.

Best Suited For:

  • Riders under 6’ tall
  • Riders 220 lb or less
  • Cruising on lakes, rivers or ocean bays
  • Travel on airplane, boats, or in RV’s
  • Families who want to share one board - easy for kids and teens to paddle too

Click here for the Spark pricing and details.

Hero SUP Crusader

The Crusader is our slightly larger all-around SUP that basically steps it up to the next level. This board is one inch wider at 31” and 7” longer at 11’2” long.

The longer length and slightly wider width make it more stable and a little more versatile for a larger variety of paddlers.

The Crusader tends to be really popular because of it’s versatility. You can take this board literally anywhere. It is great for traveling because it will do well on just about any type of water, so it is ideal for visiting multiple different locations.

The size makes it easy to paddle with dogs or kids and it also handles being loaded right up with gear.

The size is also ideal for other activities such as yoga or fishing. It is a very versatile board.

The Crusader weighs 24 lb so it is still easy to carry and transport but solid in the water. It is not as fast as our touring boards but it glides smoothly, can plow through waves and handles well in most conditions.

Best Suited For:

  • Riders of any size from large to small
  • Those who will be paddling on calm water and in choppy or windy conditions
  • Ocean bays, lakes and rivers
  • Yoga, fishing, fitness and all around fun
  • Those who want a little more stability than a faster touring board offers
  • Paddling with dog(s), kids, or fishing gear.

Click here for the Crusader pricing and details.

Hero SUP Dynamo

The Dynamo is for lake, river or ocean touring. The tapered design helps this board cut through the water cleanly and smoothly.

With some good power strokes you can get the Dynamo gliding at a good clip. You will also find that it takes less effort to paddle this board because it glides so efficiently.

The 30” width and tapered nose and tail make the Dynamo faster than our all-around inflatable SUP’s.

It also makes this board feel less stable, especially in choppy water. However it is still easy to paddle even for beginners and you will find that your skills build quickly after each session on the water.

The 11'6" Dynamo weighs 22 lb and is ultra portable and easy to carry and transport.

Our Hero SUP Team particularly loves also using the Dynamo for cardio workouts.  Paddle boarding can build up your cardio quickly and the Dynamo is a lot of fun to use for sprints or fast cadence paddling.

Best Suited For:

  • Small to large paddlers who want more speed and more efficient glide.
  • Calm water lakes, rivers or ocean bays.
  • Paddling longer distances with less effort.
  • If paddling in chop best suited for those who feel comfortable with their balance
  • Fitness and cardio.

Click here for the Dynamo pricing and details.

Hopefully this helps you make an informed choice on which board is best suited for your needs.

Any questions please feel free to send us an email and we'll be happy to help.

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