ISUP Setup & Safety

Before inflating your Hero SUP inflatable stand up paddle board read the instructions and safety warnings below.

By following the advice in this user guide you can ensure your board will stay durable and strong and make sure you stay safe on the water!


  • Wear an approved Personal Flotation Device at all times.
  • Do not paddle alone.
  • Research and be aware of the currents and tides where you will be paddling.
  • Be aware of wind, wind direction and how this can impact you.
  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs while using your paddle board.
  • Do not leave your board out in the sun while inflated for longer than 24-48 hours.  The hot air temperature can cause the air pressure to increase and possibly rupture the seams.
  • Store your board in a dry cool area out of direct sunlight and away from the elements.
  • Do not over inflate. Hero SUP paddle boards can hold up to 20 PSI of air pressure. However for optimal performance and use we recommend inflating your board to 15 PSI. With our Air Fusion technology the board will be rock solid at 15 PSI and able to hold a lot of weight.
  • We recommend learning to SUP in calm flat water. All Hero SUP inflatable paddle boards can handle small surf but we do not recommend using them in large surf.


1.  Remove the board from the bag and unroll it completely with the deck pad up.

2.  Remove the valve cap. Push in the valve pin and twist so that it pops up and is in the upright position before inflating. When the valve is in the upright position no air will be able to escape during or after inflation.

3.  Attach the hose to the Hero SUP pump, then insert the hose into the valve on the board. Twist so that it is secure.

4.  Start pumping with the pump in double action mode (instructions are on the Hero SUP hand pump). The gauge will not read until it reaches around 7 PSI.  If you don't see a reading on the gauge right away don't panic.  Your gauge is not broken... Keep pumping and you will eventually get a read. 

It will take approximately 5-10 minutes to inflate the board to 15 PSI depending on how fast you pump.   

It takes us 3 minutes to reach 8 PSI and 6 minutes and 20 seconds to inflate our Crusader ISUP to 15 PSI pumping at a fairly steady pace with a few quick breaks.

5. Once the board takes shape and gets too hard to keep pumping (usually around 8 PSI) you can switch the pump to single action mode. 

This will make it easier to inflate the board right up to 15 PSI. You will feel some air coming out of the hose in this mode (that is normal).  When you have reached 15 PSI twist off the hose from the board valve and replace the valve cap.

The board is now ready to go! You can attach the fins and the board leash to complete the setup and hit the water.


1.  Before deflating your board, wash it off with fresh water and dry the board completely.

2.  Remove the rear fin(s) and your board leash.

3. Dry the board as best as possible.

4.  Remove the valve cap, push down on the valve pin and twist until it is in the down/open position.

You will know the valve tip has released as you will hear a large gush of air release.

5.  Once the air has fully released roll the board up keeping the fin box on the outside.

6.  Once rolled up, secure with provided strap and place inside the backpack. The board and all accessories will fit inside the backpack.

7.  If your board is not completely dry we suggest unrolling it once back home to fully dry out.  Storing a damp board can cause mold and mildew issues as well as weaken the material and seams.


You can store your board inflated or deflated as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures or damp conditions.

When storing for longer periods of time we recommend storing your board deflated, rinsed with fresh water, fully dry and rolled loosely to prolong the life of the board and keep the material as strong as possible.

If you choose to keep your board inflated we recommend releasing a little air to take pressure off the seams and allow space for the air to expand (if in warm conditions).  Then top up with the pump before getting back on the water.


All Hero SUP boards come with a full 2-year warranty from time of purchase (keep your original receipt).

All Hero SUP accessories come with a 90 day warranty from time of purchase.

Click here for more details and information on our warranty policy.


View our FAQ page for more information.

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