Whale Electric SUP Pump With Battery

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    • The OutdoorMaster Whale Dual-Stage High-Pressure Electric Pump is the absolute best electric pump with battery on the market for inflatable SUP’s.

    • With the included battery pack you can inflate and deflate up to 2 boards absolutely anywhere.

      Works perfectly with most inflatable SUP's, inflatable kayaks, other inflatable boats and even with an inflatable air mattress.

      Made with durable quality and eco-friendly materials this pump makes inflating and deflating your paddle board SO MUCH EASIER.

    • DUAL STAGE WITH COOLING SYSTEM - Automatic dual stage pump: 1st stage for MAXIMUM SPEED at 350L/min and 2nd stage for MAXIMUM PRESSURE at 70L/min. Patented interior design with unique FACS prevents your Whale Pump from overheating, especially on a hot day at the beach.

      PUMP UP TO TWO BOARDS - Filling up to 2 paddle boards easily. No hand pumping and no sweat.

      RECHARGEABLE AND PORTABLE - Features with 6000 Mah Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. When whale pump was fully charged, you can inflate and deflate anywhere.


    • It will shut off automatically, when the Board is pumping up to Maximal PSI. Save your time and making your Hands free. let's pump more easily!

      EASY INFLATE & DEFLATE - Deflation is easy - set it to deflate and the air will be vacuumed out under 3 minute and ready to pack!

      12V DC CAR CONNECTOR, AC ADAPTER - Connects to your car's 12V DC connector. Features a 12A fuse for increased safety.

      4.5FT HOSE - Includes a 4.5ft hose that connects to the pump and to the valve on your ISUP.

      COMPATIBLE NOZZLES - Complete nozzle set included to inflate almost any high-pressure inflatable, including our Hero SUP boards, Red Paddle Co, IRocker, ISLE, Bluefin, ROC, Nixy, Fanatic, Atoll, Bote, Body Glove, Peak, Hydro-Force, Advanced Elements, Penguin, Thurso Surf, Focus Hawaii, Sea Lion, Newport Vessels, SUP-YAK, SCOUT And Other Major ISUP Board Brands.

      DIGITAL DISPLAY - Use the digital display to set your desired pressure and monitor the pressure in real time. PUMPING HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER!

      STORAGE BOX & LED LIGHT - Built-in large-capacity storage box, bid farewell to clutter. USB Port DC Charger allows you to charge anywhere, anytime. Unique design of LED light at the back shows you way in darkness.

      ECO-FRIENDLY & TEST APPROVED - The WHALE has gone through rigorous testing and has CE certification. Durable quality and eco-friendly material offer a promising summer journey.

      1. Supported Pressure Range: 0.5-16 PSI (0.034-1.103 Bar)
      2. Digital Sensor Accuracy: 0.01 PSI
      3. Inflation Auto-Off Function
      4. Max Pumping Speed: 350L/min at 1st Stage, 70L/min at 2nd stage
      5. Dual Inflators Switch Point: 1 PSI
      6. Max Energy Consumption: 10A, 120W (12V), DC
      7. DC Power Cord Length: 9ft (2.75m)
      8. 4.5ft Hose
      9. Net Weight: 3.6 Lbs.
      10. Battery Capacity: 
    1. 6000mAh
  • The Whale Package Includes:

    1. 1 x OutdoorMaster Whale
    2. 1 x 4.5ft Hose
    3. 5 x Nozzles
    4. 3 x Gaskets
    5. 1 x Manual

    Nozzle Specs:

    1. 1 X Boston Vavle
    2. 1 X C7 Vavle
    3. 1 X H3/HR Vavle
    4. 1 X Pinch Vavle
    5. 1 X 805 Vavle

The Whale Electric SUP pump comes with a 1-year warranty and ships free anywhere in Canada.