Hero SUP Crusader 11'2" All-Around Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

    • The Crusader will champion to get you through any condition and will provide a stable yet exhilarating ride.

      With the Crusader you get the advantage of all-around versatility. Whether it is your first time stand-up paddle boarding or if you have been paddling for years, this board will feel awesome with just the right amount of rocker to plow through any condition.

      The Crusader is as much at home on flat water lakes as it is on ocean waves. The round upturned nose, tapered tail, 3 removable fins, 31” width and 6” thickness creates a nice balance of stability, power and versatility. It feels secure without being too wide and bulky. With the back kick tail you can secure your foot position and maneuver around any obstacle.

      This hybrid model can be used for cruising, touring, light surf, fitness, yoga, and fishing.

      1. Length:11'2"
      2. Width: 31"
      3. Thickness: 6"
      4. Weight: 23 lb.
      5. Max Load: 350 lb.
      6. Recommended Air Pressure: 12 - 15 PSI
      7. Max Air Pressure:  20 PSI
    • All Hero SUP Paddle Boards Include A 2-Year Warranty.

        The 2021 Pre-Order Crusader Package Deal Includes:

        1. 1 x Hero SUP Crusader ISUP
        2. 1 x Rolling Travel Backpack 
        3. 1 x 3-Piece Ultra-Light Carbon-Shaft Paddle 
      1. (weighs only 21.16 oz / 1.32 lb)
      2. 1 x 9" US Touring Fin
      3. 2 x 5" Clip-In Side Fins
      4. 1 x 10' Coiled SUP Leash
      5. 1 x High-Pressure Dual Action Hand Pump
      6. 1 x 10L Dry Bag
      7. 1 x Repair Kit


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