Shark II 20 PSI 12V High-Pressure SUP Electric Pump

  • The OutdoorMaster Shark II Dual-Stage High-Pressure Electric Pump is the absolute best electric pump on the market for inflatable SUP’s.

    Use this pump to inflate and deflate your board quickly and easily.

    Works perfectly with most inflatable SUP's, inflatable kayaks, other inflatable boats and even with an inflatable air mattress.

    Made with durable quality and eco-friendly materials this pump makes inflating and deflating your paddle board SERIOUSLY EASY.

  • ACTIVE COOLING SYSTEM - This is the only SUP electric pump that has an integrated active cooling system. This cooling system allows you to inflate up to 3 boards in a row with no overheating. This pump is made to sure!

    POWERFUL DUAL STAGE FOR QUICK INFLATION - 1st stage for MAXIMUM SPEED at 350L/min and 2nd stage for MAXIMUM PRESSURE at 70L/mn.

    AUTO OFF FOR HANDS FREE INFLATION - Set your desired PSI level and the pump will automatically shut off when it reaches the target pressure.

    DEFLATE FUNCTION - When you are finished paddling you can use the deflate function to make packing up quick and easy.

    12V DC CAR CONNECTOR - 9ft long power cord connects to your cars 12V DC connector. Features a 12A fuse for increased safety.

    4.5FT HOSE - Includes a 4.5ft hose that connects to the pump and to the valve on your ISUP.

    FULL SET NOZZLES - The Shark II comes with a full set of nozzles to fit most high pressure inflatables including an H3/HR valve, C7, Boston valve and Pinch valve connectors.

    DIGITAL DISPLAY - Use the digital display to set your desired pressure and monitor the pressure in real time.

    TEST APPROVED - The Shark has gone through rigorous testing and has passed multiple efficiency tests with CA65, CE and RoHS compliant certifications.

    1. Supported Pressure Range: 0.5-20 PSI (0.034-1.378 Bar)
    2. Digital Sensor Accuracy: 0.01 PSI
    3. Inflation Auto-Off Function
    4. Max Pumping Speed: 350L/min at 1st Stage, 70L/min at 2nd stage
    5. Dual Inflators Switch Point: 1 PSI
    6. Built-In Sand Filter
    7. Max Energy Consumption: 10A, 120W (12V)
    8. DC Power Cord Length: 9ft (2.75m)
    9. 4.5ft Hose
    10. Net Weight: 3.6 Lbs.
  • The Shark II Package Includes:

    1. 1 x OutdoorMaster The Shark II Electric Pump
    2. 1 x 4.5ft Hose
    3. 4 x Nozzles
    4. 4 x Gaskets
    5. 1 x Manual

The Shark II pump comes with a 1-year warranty and ships free within Canada.

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