Hero SUP Spark 10'5" Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

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  • The Spark is versatile, extremely portable, light weight, quick to maneuver and fun to paddle!

    The upturned rounded nose, tapered tail and rigid design makes the Spark ideal for cruising on flat water, playing along ocean bays or even plowing through chop. 

    The 10’5” length, 30” width and three-fin setup keep it gliding efficiently, tracking straight, and easy to turn. The 6” thickness makes the board stable, rigid and able to hold a surprising amount of weight.

    With the back kick tail you can secure your foot position and maneuver around any obstacle or have fun practicing your quick pivot turns.

    The Spark is a perfect all-around ISUP that folds up into a compact package in our deluxe rolling backpack. This board works well for any age or skill level.

    1. Length:10'5"
    2. Width: 30"
    3. Thickness: 6"
    4. Weight: 22 lb. 
    5. Max Load: 250 lb.
    6. Recommended Air Pressure: 12 - 15 PSI
    7. Max Air Pressure:  20 PSI
  • All Hero SUP Paddle Boards Include A 2-Year Warranty.

    The Spark Package Deal Includes:

    1. 1 Hero SUP Spark ISUP
    2. 1 Rolling Travel Backpack
    3. 1 3-Piece Fiberglass Paddle
    4. 1 9" Center Fin
    5. 2 5" Side Fins
    6. 1 10' Coiled SUP Leash
    7. 1 Dual Action Hand Pump
    8. 1 10L Dry Bag
    9. 1 Repair Kit

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